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Unique features of netree for Luggage and Bags

Generate barcodes and price labels.

Design discount and loyalty coupons for marketing your outlets.

Intelligent inventory management based on brands, colors, sizes etc.

Generate daily,annual and monthly reports to get detailed insights about your business.

Simplified search option for quick billing of products.

Connect with your suppliers so that you never run low on stocks.

Use your Netree wallet to pay internally and externally.

Collect digital payments from customers.

Ideal for

  • Exclusive brand outlets

    Optimize in-store operations, track performance of your chain, generate barcodes and price labels of your brand, and use our marketing feature to market your outlets.

  • Franchise Owned

    Streamline in store operations, get daily, annual and monthly reports from every store, track sales, inventory, and customers of all your stores and reach out to customers using our unique marketing feature.

  • Multi brand retail outlets

    Manage stock based on different brands, sizes and colors, streamline in-store operations, generate paperless bills and market your store through sms,email and our unique marketing feature.

  • Multi Utility stores

    Manage varieties of items, generate barcodes and price labels, manage inventory, and use our unique marketing feature to market your store.

  • Small and Medium retail stores

    Go digital and handle all store operations like buying inventory,store optimization, billing and all other features required by retail stores, increase your distributor and customer network and use our simplified marketing feature to market your store.

  • Marts and Supermarts

    Digitize In-store operations, manage inventory by our intelligent inventory management feature generate barcodes and price labels and use our unique marketing feature to market your store and increase your footfall.

  • Wholesalers

    Increase your distributor and retailer network, optimize all operations, track your inventory, manage payments and design own coupons to give offers and discounts to the retailers.