What is Foop?

Foop is the world's first social networking platform for businesses, partners and customers.

Social Networks target specific sets of audiences. For instance, LinkedIn caters to professionals and offers features such as jobs or functions related to professionals.

We connect and serve businesses, channel partners and customers

Our mission is to provide a social media platform that helps to connect, collaborate and transact through social commerce, thus increasing opportunities for businesses while benefiting customers on cost & conveniences.

Why should you connect with Foop?

Foop helps you to connect, collaborate and transact between businesses, partners and customers.

Who is Foop for?

Anyone. Everyone is part of a business as an employee, or a channel partner and a customer of businesses. Foop is for you, no matter what ever you do for your living, you will find a reason to connect through Foop.

Why should you Join?

Foop helps to connect, collaborate and transact through social commerce, directly between businesses, channel partners and customers. Foop is the first platform that helps businesses to discover customers.

Benefits of Foop

If you are a business or a channel partner it helps you to collaborate with stake holders directly, resulting in amazing growth of your business. If you are a customer, it helps saving a lot. No matter who you are, it helps you.

Be a business or customer

Foop benefits everyone who is connected


Worldwide in an average 95% of reach to customers is done with the help of partner networks. Social network has helped to conncet to large number of people. Foop enables businesses to exapnd through channel partners, promoters and influrncers. Channels further helps to sell your products more through Social Commerce, without you spending on marketing.


Regular e-commerce, perhaps gives you the convenience, but, Foop enables you to be benefitted through the people around you while you shop. Everytime you shop, you are shopping because of some of your connections known to you. They could be a seller or an influencer who could happen to be your friend, family or a well-known person. Shop more, and confidently.

Social Networking

Foop brings in significant changes to the way businesses engage with one another, even with their channel partners and customers. It can alter the idea of what it means to start or run a business, through various kinds of engagements. The Foop platform can be used to connect between businesses, find channel partners, buy or sell products or services, and extend one’s reach substantially. Consumers can directly engage with brands, making it an interactive 2-way exchange.

Social Collaboration

Social Collaboration encourages active participation. Bringing together several different stake holders from within a business cycle helps to improve the efficiency of its operations, that may otherwise be impossible to coordinate. Players can be well-organised by using modern day technologies. The influence of different stakeholders, that may comprise of employees, channel partners and customers, helps in taking better decisions & lends a sense of loyalty to the entire transaction.

Social Commerce

One of the most important considerations for any business is how to reach and sell to its target customer audience. For businesses that use social commerce, their followings are continuously growing and accessible. When customers are satisfied with your business, social commerce makes it easy for them to share and recommend your products, by using their social influence & reach. Social commerce helps in making a product or trend go viral, for instance, thus playing a very important role in the growth of businesses.