StartUp your Business today

Any body can start a business now. Foop simplifies the processes for budding entreprenuers to start a business or become channel partners for other businesses. We help in eliminating the burdens of connect, contract, inventory and a whole lot of hassles that limit the ability for anyone to be a partner. Now with Foop it's easy to be an entreprenuer, distributor, wholesaler, reseller or just wanting to be an influencer. We even get you customers.


Who is Foop for?

Anyone. There isn't anyone who does not have a role to play, in the B2B2C vertical. You could be a consumer, a manufacturer or a channel partner for a brand, or may be running some services business. Foop is for you, no matter what role you are in, or just aspiring to startup a business.

Why should you be on Foop?

Foop helps to connect & engage directly with relevant parties like consumers, distributors, wholesalers, retailers, influencers & others who help you in gaining more benefits. It’s also very easy to use – maximum benefits with minimum effort.

Advantages of Foop

Unlike other platforms, Foop is a social networking & commerce platform that helps you to either buy or sell or use various Apps for your business. The platform equips you with various tools & knowledge, which help simplify your business operations.

Social Networking

Foop brings in significant changes to the way businesses engage with one another, even with their consumers. It can alter the idea of what it means to start or run a business, through various kinds of engagements. The Foop platform can be used to launch or run a business, find channel partners, buy or sell products or services, and extend one’s reach substantially. Consumers can directly engage with brands, making it an interactive 2-way exchange.


Social Collaboration

Social Collaboration encourages active participation. Bringing together several different stake holders from within a business cycle helps to improve the efficiency of its operations, that may otherwise be impossible to coordinate. Players can be well-organised by using modern day technologies. The influence of different stakeholders, that may comprise of channel partners or consumers, helps in taking better decisions & lends a sense of loyalty to the entire transaction.


Social Commerce

One of the most important considerations for any business is how to reach and sell to its target customer audience. For businesses that use social commerce, their followings are continuously growing and accessible. When customers are satisfied with your business, social commerce makes it easy for them to share and recommend your products, by using their social influence & reach. Social commerce helps in making a product or trend go viral, for instance, thus playing a very important role in the growth of businesses.

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