Social Shopping Network

True Social Shopping or Social Commerce is when a social media platform is used to buy or sell socially along with other people like friends and strangers together, while enjoying a personalized and targeted experience. To simplify, Foop the social shopping platform, brings e-commerce activities directly into our integrated social media platform.

Unlike e-commerce, Foop is a B2B2C Social Shopping network that helps users to involve friends and family in the buying process, sharing ideas, giving opinions, trying out new stuff & building one's own social quotient. This is what makes social shopping fun, same like offline shopping that's usually not done alone. Foop is a social commerce networking platform, bringing the unique opportunity of e-commerce to you as an individual, as an entrepreneur, as a small or big business or even as a group of family members or friends. Being a part of the Foop platform helps you save cost, earn more in your business, not just through customers but also your friends, family & other social networks. All this, from the comfort of your home.

Social commerce is the most exciting form of e-commerce, where you can use social media & your own connections to drive your revenue. Why just settle for having a strong social media presence, when we can give you the tools to become a social commerce leader who creates trends rather than follow them? We will help you create your own personal brand, so you can be an influencer in the online world instead of just a spectator.

Savings are just one benefit we offer you; being a Fooper means you have access to multiple avenues of earning more, while involving your own social networks, friends & family members, making the process even more exciting & engaging than ever. There is no limit to how much you can earn; we will give you the tools and all you have to do is invest your time & creativity. Be an inspiration to others and strengthen your social leadership!

Who we are

We at Foop simply want to bring fun & energy into e-commerce, by making it easy, engaging & cool. We are passionate about what we’re doing & extremely excited to bring our innovations to you. Whether you are an individual, a business or an entrepreneur – we respect your goals & want to help you achieve them. We strongly believe that economic opportunity is not exclusive; it should be open to all. That’s what brings us to work every day. That, and a bunch of crazy ideas!


What we offer


Discover your brands or business partners

Discover your customers or consumers


Network with your stake holders

The only platform you can engage with brands directly


You can engage with your connects directly

Engage like what you do in any social network


Buy for you or for your family & friends

Help them to reduce their cost of shopping


Shop together with your friends or strangers

Reduce your cost of shopping


Resell any product without inventory

Earn new income without investing


You can sell your products in bulk to social groups

Increase your income faster


You can sell now to businesses who may buy to use or resell

Businesses usually buy in large quantity


We take care of your order deliveries

You can just focus on your own work

Unique benefits of Foop for Buyers and Sellers

why brands and manufacturers should join

Brands & Manufacturers can now discover new distributors & resellers in newer regions without having to even visit the regions.

why foop for social commerce and social shopping

Sell directly to consumers in bulk quantities, through social groups. Consumers can come together to buy at MoQ as set by brands.

time for small businesses to be on foop

Small & Medium brands that cannot afford to pay for huge advertising, can make use of Foop to reach many resellers and consumers without spending.

digital campaign simplified with foop

One of the most significant benefits of social shopping is the engagement and reach that brands can get whenever they share a new product to sell.

become and influencer with foop

Foop is a place where people can easily share their opinions and influence their friends and family. It offers the greatest tool to businesses and marketers: word-of-mouth.

place for lowest price

Foop helps customers to discover products and sellers through their network, that helps them a lot to choose the best product at an affordable price.

engage with brands directly

Foop opens the doors for two-way communication between brands and resellers or customers. It allows businesses to relate, not just sell.

let your customers engage with postings

Not only is your product regularly showing up in your customers’ feeds, they are also able to interact with it by liking, giving opinions & influencing it by sharing it among their circles.

What you can do with Foop

  • Discover New Distributors, Resellers

    Brands cannot spread their wings without channels, in a large country like India. For every region, finding, appointing and engaging with a channel is one of the most expensive propositions for a brand. Now simplify by joining Foop; one can discover new channel partners with just the click of a button.

  • Sell in bulk quantities

    Set your MoQ and sell only when your MoQ is met by your resellers or customers. Foop's unique social shopping enables more than one customer to come together and buy in bulk; that helps you in diluting your inventory faster.

  • Engage with your customers directly

    Foop not only helps in getting your products sold, but also assists in interacting with your resellers, consumers and any other customers, directly. Engaging content like videos, polls and contests also do wonders to make your audience engage with and feel connected to your brand.

  • Let your customers follow you directly

    Unlike regular social media, Foop allows your customers to engage with you directly. Since you can differentiate between customers and non-customers on Foop, you can convert non-customers; we offer brands an opportunity to develop deeper trust and better relationships with customers, ultimately winning their loyalty too.