StartUp your Channel Business

Anyone can become a channel partner, and it is an easier and low risk way to startup a business. The efforts are minimal as product development, marketing and even logistics are handled by the brand, while the partner can do the last mile sales. One can become a distributor, franchisee, reseller or even an influencer to gain large margins. Many brands are ready to partner with micro-entrepreneurs without any investment or inventory. Foop aggregates a multitude of brands in one place that reduces the burdens of connect, contract, inventory and a whole lot of hassles that limit the ability for anyone to be a partner. Now with Foop, it's easy to be a partner, as we even get you customers.

Startup Partnership

Why should you become a channel partner?

Foop connects you directly with brands that help you in increasing your channel business

Who can be a channel Partner?

Anyone who is interested and good at convincing a customer, can be a channel partner. Since the option to exit the business is very easy, becoming a partner makes it a low risk business initiative.

How much needs to be invested?

Investment could be zero to a few lakhs, depending on the opportunities extended by the brands. One can search for the kind of industry & the level of investment that they want to do, including zero investment.

How much margin does a partner make?

Huge margins, even upto 60 to 70%. It depends on the products & brands. Search the opportunities based on your expectations. In many cases, the margins are increased after few transactions.

Become a Channel Partner in 4 easy steps!

Search for opportunities

Search and read about the opportunities, that interests you based on category & margins.


Apply for the opportunity with updated details of your own & your business profiles.

Brands shortlist you

You get confirmation regarding your applicaiton and stages of the qualification process from the brands.

Get Appointed

The final stage is about brands appointing you and there onwards you are able to engage & transact directly with them.

Hundreds of partnership opportunities

Liyamash Global Private Limited

Madhya Pradesh


Looking For Distributors For Lemonades

Category: Beverages & Drinks Regions: Madhya Pradesh Margin: 15% To 30%

Yeole Brothers



Looking for distributors for pure ghee

Category: Diary & Agro, FMCG & Food Regions: Maharashtra, Margin: 18% to 20%

Aaru Footwear

Tamil Nadu


Looking for distributors for Boot berry

Category: Foot wears & Belts Regions: Tamil Nadu, Margin: 8% to 11%

Kenko Namkeen



Looking for distributors for Namkeen

Category: FMCG & Food Regions: Maharashtra, Margin: 32% to 35%

Suvidha Kitchenware



Looking for distributors for Non-Stick Cookware

Category: Consumer Durables & Home Appliances Regions: Uttarakhand, Margin: 60% to 60%

Momai Foods Pvt Ltd



Looking for distributors for Ice Cream

Category:FMCG & Food Regions: Gujarat, Margin: 12% to 13%
More Partner Opportunities

Multiply your business potential!

Foop introduces multi-brand Channel Partner Program to help micro-entrepreneurs, current channel partners, system integrators, value-added resellers (VARs) and influencers accelerate their business opportunities. Authorised partners of brands usually receive a number of benefits, including enhanced margin opportunities. Trust among customers increases when a partner is authorised, trained and promoted by the brands. Among the challenges such as counterfeit products, your authorised partnership will enhance your business opportunity & profitability.

Get Authorised

Benefits unlimited

Foop has built efficient features to make it easier to buy from brands directly and sell to end-users on the same platform. Partnering with leading brands are made easier, additionally enabling unparalleled rewards. Foop's networking features provide the advantages of direct engagement & very quick responses between parties. World class sales, marketing, training & support are made available from the brands directly. Being part of an extended and fast-growing channel partner community, composed by channel partners from various regions, brings in more knowledge, skill and creates greater reputation and expertise in any sector.

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What is the fee to become a partner through Foop?

Its absolutely FREE