1. Can I cancel my order?
    1. If you order is not yet shipped, you may cancel your order, subject to the seller policy. To check if you can cancel your order, refer to your order page to check if the cancel option is available. Please note that in case you are unable to cancel your order, you must accept the package on delivery. Refusal to accept the product at the time of delivery will not be entertained and no refunds shall be made in such cases.
  2. Can I return my order? Will I get a refund in that case?
    1. Some products or items sold on the Foop platform (web site, app, etc.) may not be eligible for return. This could be due to the nature of the product or item, or because of certain conditions of the sale. These products will be explicitly marked as “Non Returnable” on the respective product/ item detail pages.
    2. For items that are marked as returnable, in general, an item may be eligible for return within the corresponding return window (i.e. time period defined as the time during which the item may be returned), if one or more of the following conditions are met:
        • – Product or item delivered was incorrect (different from the product or item ordered).
        • – Product or item delivered was different from its description on the corresponding product/ item detail page
        • – Product or item delivered was not the right colour or size (an exchange can be approved provided the required colour of size is available with the same Seller User)
        • – Product or item was delivered in a physically damaged condition or is defective
        • – Product or item was delivered with missing parts or accessories
  3. How do I place a return request on Foop?
    1. Visit your Foop account, locate the order you wish to return in the list of your orders, then click on the Return option & follow the steps to complete your return.
  4. Will I get a full refund if I return my order?
    1. Yes, if your return is done as per the seller policy and the items returns are in their original condition. A product or item must be returned in its original, unused condition, along with all the original packaging, tags, labels, warranty card, manuals, accessories & parts, in the way it was delivered to you. The return pickup may be rejected in case the return is not done in the prescribed manner.
  5. Will I also get a refund of the shipping cost that I paid when my order was delivered?
    1. For eligible returns, return shipping costs and/ or the cost of gift-wrapping may be refunded by the seller, subject to the seller policy.
  6. Can I get a replacement instead of a refund, for my order?
    1. If a product or item delivered to you is different from the product or item ordered, or it was delivered in a physically damaged condition, it will be eligible for a free replacement, provided the exact item is available with the same seller User. Please refer to the seller policies also, as this may differ from seller to seller.