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Chitu Sharma is very active in few social network platforms. Because of her active participation, social medias are able to earn a lot through advertisements. But she earns nothing for being loyal to her social network. But now this is going to change. Foop extends benefits to its users to like share, comment, shop, invite and for every activity that they do.

Earn Benefits

How Foop Rewards Work?!

Earn FoopCoins

Any and all activities earn you foopcoins. Read, like, Comment, Share, shop to earn more foopcoins

Claim Rewards

From the hundreds of rewards from your favourite brands, you may claim what ever you wish against your foopcoins.


You may now reedem the rewards at an offline or online store, get the awesome benefits extended by the brands.


The benefit is extended in the form of FoopCoins. FoopCoin is a unique loyalty program offered for almost every activity that the user performs over foop. The program will use some latest technologies that makes foopcoin to be useful to get lots of rewards out on our platform. FoopCoin is what helps you to save a lot of money on your purchases too.

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Rewards from great brands

The rationale behind the development of the rewards based FoopCoin, is to introduce a new and easier way to reward loyal customers for their social activities, subscription or buying of products. The value proposition offered by foopcoin, is the empowerment it provides for its users to have benefited, for able to gain a lot through the strategic partners that Foop has established.


Rewards from thousands of brands

O2 Spa

All of India