1. How do I pay for my purchase on Foop?
    1. Foop – by Netree has enabled multiple payment methods on the platform, for your ease and comfort. These include payment by debit or credit cards, Net banking, cash on delivery, wallets, UPI etc. All online payment methods are facilitated by Foop – by Netree’s trusted partners who use secure encryption technology to keep your financial information and transactions safe and confidential at all times.
  2. Are there any hidden charges?
    1. No, the prices displayed on the Foop platform (web site, app, etc.) are final, and inclusive of all charges. There is no additional or hidden fees. It is important to note that delivery charges may be applicable on a purchase, depending on the seller policy. You must contact the respective seller for details on any delivery charges before making a purchase.
  3. Can I pay for my order with cash on delivery (COD)?
    1. Yes, the cash on delivery (COD) payment option is available on select products or items and/ or select locations/ pin codes. With COD you can pay in cash at the time of actual delivery of the product instead of paying online, in advance. The maximum order value for a COD payment is ₹50,000. For COD orders, only Indian Rupees will be accepted. Foreign currency, Gift Cards or store credit cannot be used for such orders.
    2. To check if the COD payment option is available at your location, refer the product or item page and enter your pin code to verify.
  4. How will I receive a confirmation for my order where payment is cash on delivery (COD)?
    1. In case the payment method chosen for your purchase is cash on delivery (COD), an order confirmation will be sent to you via e-mail and SMS, after you place your order. If within 24 hours you do not receive a confirmation, please contact us.
  5. Can I pay for my order by credit or debit card, or by Netbanking?
    1. Yes, we accept both debit and credit cards for various banks. Visa, MasterCard & American Express credit cards, as well as Visa, MasterCard & Maestro debit cards are accepted on the Foop platform (web site, app, etc.). To pay using your debit or credit card at the time of payment, you will need your debit or credit card details such as card number, expiry date, 3-digit CVV number & so on. In order to complete the payment online, you will be directed to your bank’s secure web site or to the secure page of our payment gateway partner, to enter your password issued by the card issuer (i.e. your bank).
    2. You can also use your bank’s Netbanking facility to pay for your order on the Foop platform (web site, app, etc.).
  6. Is it safe to pay for my order by credit or debit card?
    1. Yes. Your online payment on the Foop platform (web site, app, etc.) is secure with the highest levels of transaction security currently available on the Internet. Foop uses 256-bit encryption technology to protect your card information while securely transmitting it to the respective bank for the purpose of payment processing for your order.
    2. All credit & debit card payments on Foop are processed through secure and trusted payment gateways that are managed by leading banks, and are Foop partners. All banks now use the 3D Secure password service for online transactions, providing an added layer of security through identity verification.
  7. What is a 3D Secure password?
    1. A 3D Secure password is an added layer of security on credit & debit cards, implemented by Visa (called “Verified by Visa”) & MasterCard (called “MasterCard SecureCode”) in partnership with banking institutions. This 3D Secure password is set by & known to only you, the cardholder. In order to register for a 3D Secure password, you need to visit your bank branch or web site.
  8. Can I make a payment by EMI?
    1. Yes, we accept EMI as a payment option on orders of value of Rs. 2,500 & above however this facility may not be available on few products such as gold coins, jewelry etc. To check if the EMI payment option is available for your order, refer the product or item page.
  9. Is there a different cancellation & refund policy for EMI paid orders?
    1. We strongly advise that you gather all relevant details for any EMI transactions from your bank before placing such an order. Please note that Foop – by Netree does not charge any processing fees for EMI paid orders. On EMI transactions, your respective bank may charge processing or other fees, hence any queries with regards to such fees should be directed to your bank. Similarly, any details on interest charged, refunds etc. for EMI transactions will be available only with your bank directly.
  10. My order transaction failed but the amount has been deducted from my bank account. What happened?
    1. A transaction may fail due to a technical glitch or incorrect payment details. In case the amount has been deducted from your bank account and your order has not been confirmed, do not attempt to place the order again. Within 24-48 hours, you should receive an order confirmation message via e-mail and SMS. However, if your order is not confirmed or you receive any notification from your bank regarding a declined payment, kindly contact your bank for details or contact us. In the case of a failed order, be rest assured that you will receive a refund for an incorrect charge.