Unique features of Promote


Create offers for your customers that they can, not only redeem but also repromote further to help you in increasing customers.


Create real time digital contests for your customers and reward them exciting prizes. Its your business, your promotions.


Create various kinds of promotions, for products, for bulk ordeers to your customers and monitor and track redemption seamlessly.


Encourage your customers to Repromote your offers by incentivising them to influence their friends and family and offer more benefits


Its your business, your products and YOUR PROMOTION. Control in your hands - set your audience and promote as you require without depending upon foop's marketing programs.


Send promos, coupons and offers to your existing and new customers directly, thus making them to buy through foop.


Let your customers to participate in games that's run specifically by you, making your business and your products popular among customers.


You can run your own cash back offers to your customers, and market through other media too. This helps customers to buy more from you.

Types of digital promotions you can run through Promote

  • Discount Coupons

    Discount Schemes

    Generate, propogate, track and monitor repromotable and redeemable discount coupons for your customers.

  • Deal coupons


    Create deal coupons such as buying quantity based deals, periodic deals etc and incentivise your customers.

  • Fortune Wheels

    Fortune Wheels

    Run schemes and advertisements for your products and services and engage customers by gamifying your offerings.

  • Advertise


    Increase your eyeballs through different forms of mobile advertising; know the exact eyeballs and ROI of your ad campaign.

  • Email Marketing

    Email marketing

    Reach out to your existing and new customers by using our in-app email marketing engine. Promote at the point of sale and purchase.