Why Vendor Management is not just enough?

Traditional vendor management is all about vendor contact details & order details if any. These are enterprise platform that doesn't give any collaborative advantages. Its time for businesses to engage with their partners to understand their challenges as instantly as possible. A social networking type platform is essential to be able to engage with more than one at a time, for both the businesses & partners.

Engage with Vendors

Online Procurement processes

Foop's integrated vendor management with online procurement processes from the managed vendor network, reduces the risks of businesses of not knowing more about their vendors and ability to know in advance the changes that are done by the vendors, like price of a product. The lack of technology that limits the visibility into vendor information and vendor relationship matrics increases a businesses supply & cost risks, hence affecting the profitability & competitive advantages.

Procure Online

Accurate vendor information data

Foop allows its users to update their own data. This makes your life easier by having a 360° visibility on the vendors' current information like profile details, products, prices and many other critical data required for timely decisions. Real-time engagement along with real-time visibility over vendor informaiton, reduces the risks through fast & informed decisions that prevent supply related challenges

ACCESS Accurate Data